Vianden, The beautiful castle above the city – Luxembourg

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Our guide book mentions that you can get to the castle by tourist train. It also says that when you have sore feet, you can take a chair lift. Having a young child that might have been a good idea so we asked at the Tourist Information for the starting point of this lift for lazy people. It turns out people who take that lift are not lazy at all. From where the lift stops it is a 20 minutes difficult walk through the woods to get to the castle. With a child the lady strongly advised us not to take it. Later on in our holiday we actually saw the lift. It resembled an ordinary ski lift. Too risky to take with our daughter at this age anyway. Because the little train did not go in October and the distance from the parking place at the top of the city to the castle was so small we decided to walk the last bit. A good choice! Read more in our blog about Vianden

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