Trier, the Roman city at the river Moselle – Germany

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    The city Trier is located on the right bank of the river Moselle. Augustus, a Roman emperor, ordered the construction of this city in the year 16 B.C. and called it Augusta Treverorum. In Roman times it was the capital of the province Belgica Prima. During a short period it even was the capital of the West-Roman Empire. One of the city’s best known historical sites is the Porta Nigra. This is the best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps. In the Middle Ages people did not use the gates and most of those gates were demolished and used as building materials. This gate was saved, because a hermit called Simeon┬álived here. After his death the Pope made him a Saint. Because of this event the gate was transformed into a church and so this gate survived. In present time many tourists flok to see the gate and the old bridge as well as the city’s Medieval buildings and churches.    

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