Week special: Paris, city of love

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This week we will have our first week special. Every day, from Monday up to Sunday, we will post several albums about Paris. 

Paris is marketed as the “City of Love” and indeed it is super romantic when you visit it with your partner. This city is the official capital of France. It has many landmarks and shops to browse and, if you are hungry, there are thousands of bakeries, coffeeshops and restaurants to eat at. I hope you will enjoy this page and revisit our site every day. If you like this page, you can also take a look on one of the many other albums on this site. To view an album you only have to click on one of the images. 

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This is the last day of our week special: Paris, city of love.

The last day we start with a blog about how Roosje spend her first time in Paris.

To end this week special we visit the City hall of Paris.

Thanks for visiting our website. We are currenty working on new photo albums as well as week specials. 


We start at the Place de La Bastile. This was the place where the Bastile stood. The Bastile was used as a royal prison and was destroyed during the French Revolution.

The best way to see as many Parisian landmarks as possible is by using the subway. We dedicated an entire album to it.

We end our journey with the the Eiffel Tower by night. Enjoy!


Today we will start at the Notre Dame. Due to the fire of 2019 you cannot visit it at the moment. However, there are one-hour tours outside the building. In our photo album we show you what it was like before the fire.

Just minutes walking from there is the Sainte-Chapelle. This church is used by kings of France.

We continue our journey at the Hôtel des Invalides. It is here that you can visit the tomb of Napoleon, the only Emperor France has had since the Romans. Enjoy! 


To start, we will climb the Eiffel Tower and use the stairs to reach the observation deck instead of using the elevator.

After that, you can have a look at the last part of the Louvre photo album.

We end this day at the Centre Pompidou, the famous building with all the colorful pipes on the exterior. Blue representing circulating air, yellow circulating electricity, green circulating water and red circulating people. Enjoy! 


We’re halfway this Paris week special. Today we will visit the Panthéon, where the rich and powerful are burried. In the crypt you can pay your respect to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Marie Curie and many others.

Near the Panthéon is a small but beautiful church, called Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont.

We end this week-special-day with a Paris by night album. Enjoy!


Today we start our journey on the hill of the Sacré-Coeur. From here you have a great view over the city.

After our visit to the Sacré-Coeur, you can check out the second part of the Louvre album.

We then walk from the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe and this is the last album of today. Enjoy!  


We start this special week with our Paris city trip album. Paris is a great city to visit for a long weekend but there is so much to see that you can easily spend a week or longer in this “city of love”.

We then continue with the first part of the Louvre album. The Louvre is by far the biggest museum of Paris, so we devided it into three photo albums.

Place the Concorde is near the Louvre. It is the final album of our first day of the Paris week special. Enjoy!