Skellig Michael – Ireland

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Skellig Michael.

Near the southwest coast of Ireland lie two islands called ‘the Skellig Islands’. In 1986 they made these islands a special protected area, because they are the habitat and nesting area of various species of birds.

Little Skellig houses Ireland’s largest colony of northern gannets and it’s closed for public. Only a certain amount of people can go on a day trip to Skellig Michael. You can also go on a boat tour around both islands. In 2014/2015 they shot several scenes of two Star Wars films on Skellig Michael.

In the 6th century monks lived on Skellig Michael or ‘Great Skellig’. They had to deal with the harsh weather conditions, the rough landscape of the island and the total isolation. Despite this the monks built stone staircases and a monastery. These days the birds, amongst which puffins, are the only ones that live there.

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