San Francisco, the city by the bay – USA

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City of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison and location of many films and tv shows. The sitcom Full House even shows this city in its opening tune. Founded by William Richardson in 1835 as Yerba Buena. It boomed during the California gold rush. In the past they called it Paris of the west.

When we where on our honeymoon, we first flew to San Francisco. We arrived late in the evening. We did not stay in an expensive hotel, but we paid for one that was supposed to be in the famous street where cars can fly. We did not sleep at all that first night, because an 8-lane highway was located just next to our window

Fisherman’s Wharf is a tourist trap. Don’t spend too much time there! However you can arrange a boat trip and take some nice photos at this warf.

Most of the tourist do not visit the Botanical Gardens. We did. It’s a nice place to be in this busy city. When you visit San Francisco I can definitely recomment it. Enjoy the photos!



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