Paris, the Louvre transformation from castle to museum – France

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A must see.

If you are an art lover, the Louvre is a must see when you visit Paris. The museum is located on the north bank of the Seine. People flok here to see loads of art. Most people visit the museum for a few hours, but you can stay there more than a day. The top piece of the collection is without doubt the Mona Lisa. Sorry, no photo of this painting, because there was a huge crowd around it, It´s a small painting en I did not really like it. You can buy a 3 or 4 day pass to visit all the museums in Paris. You can buy one at a small museum where you do not have to wait in line. If you have this pass you can use the fast lane and save a lot of money.

History of the building.

French farmers and townsfolk liked to rebel even before the French revolution. Because most French Kings did not like to lose there heads, Filips II started building a castle. For a long time the treasury was also located in this castle. During the 100-year war between England and France the castle was damaged. Later when they did not want a castle in Paris, the French Kings transformed the site into a Palace, the Louvre. Just before the Revolution the French King appointed a Commitee to find out if the Louvre could be transformed into a museum. Before the Commitee could bring out advice, the King lost his head. After the French Revolution the Louvre was finally transformed into a museum. Every year many tourists visit this museum. It’s worth a visit when you’re in Paris, even if you’re not into art. The building, location and amount of works are very impressive. Until then: enjoy the photos.

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