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Soesterberg, NATO air base – The Netherlands
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World War II. The first military flights in the Netherlands took place in the early years of the 20th century on this base. It remained a small air base until the Second World War. The Germans upgraded it and renamed … Read More

Amersfoort, the old city center – The Netherlands
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In the center of the Netherlands there is a small city called Amersfoort. I have worked there for a few years and I really liked the old medieval city center. To Amersfoort June 12th 1259 was a special day. On … Read More

Road trip, driving from the Grand Canyon to Zion – USA
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(Scroll down for the photos) Our first US road trip. In Europe the word road trip does not bear the same meaning as in the US. Compared to the US we live in small countries, so traveling to family or … Read More

Paris, the Louvre transformation from castle to museum – France
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A must see. If you are an art lover, the Louvre is a must see when you visit Paris. The museum is located on the north bank of the Seine. People flok here to see loads of art. Most people … Read More

Castle Van Horst, castle and castle grounds – Belgium
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Near Leuven you can find Castle Van Horst. This medieval castle is located on a strategic spot in the Winge-valley. In 1488 it was burned down by the people of Leuven who rebelled against Maximilian of Austria. Iwein van Kortenbach rebuilt the … Read More

Trier, the Roman city at the river Moselle – Germany
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    The city Trier is located on the right bank of the river Moselle. Augustus, a Roman emperor, ordered the construction of this city in the year 16 B.C. and called it Augusta Treverorum. In Roman times it was … Read More

London, the London Tower Bridge – United Kingdom
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When you visit London there is one bridge you should visit. The London Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894. For its time it’s a marble of engineering. Because it uses a gravity-powered battery, it could be operated using … Read More

Kootwijkerzand, The biggest sand drift of Europe – The Netherlands
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Tourists only know the Netherlands for its capital city Amsterdam with its canals, busy streets, picturesque bridges and many, many bikes parked everywhere. But when you leave the “Randstad” you can find realy nice nature parks in this country. Kootwijkerzand … Read More

Bay of Islands, 2nd bluest sky in the world – New Zealand
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At 3,5 hours driving of Auckland is the Bay of Islands. This group of over 200 islands played an important role in New Zealands history and contains several interesting towns. It is also a place where you can enjoy sea … Read More

Chester, the colorful rhino invasion – United Kindom
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Today on Travelhartphoto a new photo album of the United Kingdom. Chester is a small city. It is the capital of the county Cheshire. The center of Chester is one of the best preserved fortified cities in the United Kingdom. … Read More

Gouda, city of cheese – The Netherlands
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Gouda is the only city in the Netherlands that has a latin name, also in popular use. This is derived from the river the Gouwe (‘golden’) that flows here into another river, the Hollandse IJssel. At the end of the … Read More

Clervaux, Castle and city – Luxembourg
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These days the castle of Clervaux is mainly visited because of the UNESCO photo exhibition ‘The Family of Man’. This exhibition, curated and assembled by Luxembourgisch American Edward Steichen, is a must for every photography lover. However this castle and … Read More

Cologne, a visit to her churches
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The most famous church in Cologne is the Cathedral (the ‘Kölner Dom’). This World Heritage site is a fine piece of Gothic architecture. Cologne also has 12 older churches of Roman architecture that are worth a visit. Do you want … Read More

Deventer, a walk around this city – The Netherlands
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Often it is difficult to take photos in a city that one has become used to. The beauty fades, the special attractions become things that can be done every day and thus are never experienced. This is not the case … Read More

Bryce Canyon, National Park – USA
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  Situated close to the Grand Canyon make sure not to miss the Bryce Canyon! This canyon is known for its unique geological appearance. Well worth a visit. Do you want to see more photos of national parks in the … Read More

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