Lucca, the city walls of a city you have to visit – Italy

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Lucca’s defensive walls.

One of Italy’s most beautiful and historical important cities is Lucca. This city, which is situated in Tuscany, has many historical buildings to visit, but it’s main highlights are the 4 km long city walls.

Only a small part of the old Medieval part is preserved and can be seen even today. However, most of the banks and gates are from the Renaissance, a time when cannons became powerfull. Due to these cannons the walls needed to be wider and the towers rounder. Although they made the walls to defend the city, they only did so once. When the nearby river flooded in 1812 they kept the water out. 

In 1815 the regent of Napoleon’s sister turned the walls into walkways. It’s nice to walk around the city over these still existing walkways. Several playgrounds can also be found near the walls. Just make sure you do not walk on them during a thunderstorm like we did!


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