Ir. Woudagemaal, keep Friesland dry – The Netherlands

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The Netherlands are flat and for a good part under sea level. We can live here due to dikes that protect us from the rivers and the sea. But even with the dikes most of the Netherlands would be under water if we did not have an additional aid. Because of the sea level the ground water level is also above the land. In large parts of the Netherlands we need big pumps to get all the water out. In the Golden Age of the Netherlands we used wind mills. You needed a lot of them. During the  Industrial Revolution they built large steam pumps. The Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal is one of them. It is located in the northern part of the Netherlands and it is still in production. 2 to 4 times a year the modern pumps cannot cope with all the water and this old pumpbuilding has to be powered up.



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