Groenlo, Sint Calixtusbasiliek

Groenlo, Sint Calixtusbasiliek

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I was born in Groenlo and grew up in this area. I always thought this basilique in the center of Groenlo was a really old church. However, during the making of this album I found out it is only little over 100 years old. Just like the Old Sint Calixtuskerk, which was built between the 13th and 16th century also in Groenlo, they named this church after Pope Calixtus I, who lived in the 3rd century AD.

Building started at 1906 and finished at 1908.The architects were Jos Cuypers and Jan Stuyt. Jos Cuypers was a son of the famous architect Pierre Cuypers, whose works include the Rijksmuseum and Central Station, both in Amsterdam.

In 2014 Pope Franciscus turned it into a basilica.

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