Enkhuizen, Zuiderzee rebel stronghold – The Netherlands

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Enkhuizen was one of the first cities that joined the rebels in the Dutch Independence War. Because of this, it was rewarded with the right to set indicate markings of waterways in the Zuiderzee. This right was taken away from Amsterdam that still supported the King of Spain. This right meant that every ship on the Zuiderzee had to pay toll to Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen grew and became prosperous because of three things: her port, the collected toll and because it was the home of the First Navy Office.

These days Enkhuizen is a small unsignificant city, located next to a big lake, the IJsselmeer. This lake was created when in 1927 they completed the Afsluitdijk, a 32,5 kilometers long dike. This dike closed the gap between the Provences of North-Holland and Friesland and the inland sea that was once called the Zuiderzee is now called IJsselmeer.


Enkhuizen was surrounded by city walls in the Medieval Times. The high walls were replaced by fortifications that could withstand a siege by cannons. In the present day a huge part of the city is still enclosed by the defence works.

City centre.

Inside the walls there is a nice city centre. You can find lots of medieval and 18th century buildings. In a glance you can see that this city was important in the past.

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