King, Count, Culemborg – The Netherlands

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After a short walk from the train station you get to the old city center of Culemborg. This city was originally a trade town. After the construction of a castle Culemborg became a ‘Vrijstad’ (free city) with its own justice system. It received city rights in 1318 and in the 14th century its city walls were built. Culemborg became a county in 1555. After being taken over by the Germans and the French the county was back in the hands of the Dutch. To this day King Willem-Alexander still is the Count of Culemborg.

Although there was much to see, we left early. If we would have stayed until 9.55 p.m., we would have heard the sound of a clock. This clock originally warned people that the gates would almost close and that it was time to go to bed. It was given the name the ‘papklok’ (‘porridge clock’), because that is what farmers used to eat. At carnaval Culemborg is called ‘Papklokkendam’.




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