Celtic Tour – Ireland

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St. Patrick.

Mention Ireland and almost everyone knows at least something about its Celtic culture. Most backpackers also have heard of St. Patrick’s Day. On this day most Irish drink a Guinness or two to celebrate on the day that Irish most important Saint died. According to stories Irish pirates captured a 16-year-old Patrick, enslaved him and brought him to Ireland. After 6 years taking care of animals Patrick escaped and went back to Britain. He became a cleric and returned to Ireland to spread Christianity.

Celtic cross.

The Celtic cross can be seen all over the country. According to a legend Saint Patrick introduced this shape to make it easier to convert the ‘pagans’ to Christianity. In it the Christian symbol (cross) is combined with, but dominates the pagan sun (circle). It’s one of the many stories you hear during a Celtic tour in this fascinating country.      

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