Gouda, Sint Janskerk – The Netherlands
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The Sint Janskerk. One of the landmarks of Gouda is the Sint Janskerk. It´s the longest church of the Netherlands. It was built in the 15th and 16th century.   More on Travelharts. More photos of cities in the Netherlands? … Read More

The Veluwe, the forest near Garderen – The Netherlands
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Explore the Veluwe near Garderen. One can have a nice hike in the woods near Garderen. The Veluwe was formed by the Saalian Glacial during the Ice Age.     Also on Travelharts. More forest photos check out this page … Read More

Soesterberg, Estate de Paltz – The Netherlands
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Estate de Paltz. Estate de Paltz is located near Soesterberg. This Estate is open for public. One can also visit the old NATO base next door. More from Travelharts. Check out the album about the old NATO base We also … Read More

Enkhuizen, Zuiderzee rebel stronghold – The Netherlands
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Zuiderzee. Enkhuizen was one of the first cities that joined the rebels in the Dutch Independence War. Because of this, it was rewarded with the right to set indicate markings of waterways in the Zuiderzee. This right was taken away … Read More

Soesterberg, NATO air base – The Netherlands
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World War II. The first military flights in the Netherlands took place in the early years of the 20th century on this base. It remained a small air base until the Second World War. The Germans upgraded it and renamed … Read More

Amersfoort, the old city center – The Netherlands
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In the center of the Netherlands there is a small city called Amersfoort. I have worked there for a few years and I really liked the old medieval city center. To Amersfoort June 12th 1259 was a special day. On … Read More

Kootwijkerzand, The biggest sand drift of Europe – The Netherlands
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Tourists only know the Netherlands for its capital city Amsterdam with its canals, busy streets, picturesque bridges and many, many bikes parked everywhere. But when you leave the “Randstad” you can find realy nice nature parks in this country. Kootwijkerzand … Read More

Gouda, city of cheese – The Netherlands
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Gouda is the only city in the Netherlands that has a latin name, also in popular use. This is derived from the river the Gouwe (‘golden’) that flows here into another river, the Hollandse IJssel. At the end of the … Read More

Deventer, a walk around this city – The Netherlands
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Often it is difficult to take photos in a city that one has become used to. The beauty fades, the special attractions become things that can be done every day and thus are never experienced. This is not the case … Read More

Hoge Veluwe, National park – The Netherlands
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The landscapes in the area that is now called “National Park the Hoge Veluwe” were shaped in the course of thousands of years. At the beginning of the 20th century a couple Anton Kröller and Helene Müller bought several pieces … Read More

Lelystad, Nature Park – The Netherlands
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  This Park, which was originally created in the ’70s to accommodate some of Artis’ animals, has become a beautiful nature area with lots of trees, water, wild animals and some less wild ones. It is always a nice and … Read More

A street/sweet cat called Gizmo
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Our dear cat Gizmo was our ginger cat. He was a stray cat, but he chose me as his slave. Gizmo was so sweet, he did not scratch me once. Also my daughter was lucky to have a forgiving pet. … Read More

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