Bayeux, city of the tapestry – France

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During the dark ages the French King, Charles the Simple, made an agreement with the one of the Norwegean Viking leaders named Rollo. Rollo and his people borrowed Normandy and in exchange helped defending the river Seine against other Vikings. The Vikings in Normandy soon integrated with the locals.

In 1066 a huge fleet of ships set sail to England. The Normans defeated the Saxon king during the battle of Hastings. The Bayeaux tapestry tells the story about this Norman conquest. It was made to consecrete the Roman Cathedral of Bayeux in 1077. However, the Cathedral burned down and they replaced it with the current Gothic one. 

The Bayeux tapestry survived and is now on display in the Bayeux Museum. It has been announced that it will temporarily go to the British Museum, but it is unknown when. Unfortunately it’s forbidden to take photographs of the tapestry itself. However, you should go see it and take a look for yourself. I took these photos in the current Gothic Cathedral, which is also worth visiting. 


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