Amsterdam, Dam Square – The Netherlands

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In the center of Amsterdam you will find a square with two national monuments. It’s called ‘Dam Square’ and usually it’s crowded with people. You can walk there from Central Station in about 5 minutes.

The first monument is the Royal Palace. Jacob van Campen finished this City Hall in 1665. However, it became a Royal Palace in 1808, when King Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (younger brother of the French Emperor) decided to live there. According to some this change of ownership is still controversial. These days our King uses the Palace to welcome and accommodate foreign Heads of State. When our former Queen Beatrix abdicated, she introduced the current King, Willem-Alexander, standing on the balcony of the Palace.

The second monument is a war memorial, also known as ‘the National Monument on Dam Square’. Originally J.J.P. Oud built it to commemorate all casualties of WWII. These days every 4th of May it is one of the main locations where we have our 2 minutes of silence. It is no longer just for those who have fallen during WWII, but also for those fallen in the wars that followed.

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