Amersfoort, the old city center – The Netherlands

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In the center of the Netherlands there is a small city called Amersfoort. I have worked there for a few years and I really liked the old medieval city center.

To Amersfoort June 12th 1259 was a special day. On this day Amersfoort got her city rights. Because of these rights, the people who lived there could build walls to protect them.

Eighty Years’ War

Before the Eighty Years’ War or the Dutch War of Independence the Netherlands were ruled by multiple European powers. First the Germans, after that almost every warring party has ruled our country.

After this Independence War we even were a superpower (just for a few years).

In the Eighty Years’ War Amersfoort suffered a lot. First the city was occupied by the Dutch rebels in 1573. A year later the Spanish retook the city. In 1579 it was taken again by the rebels under Jan VI of Nassau-Dillenburg, until the Spanish took it back in 1629. After the conquest of Wezel by the rebels the Spanish were forced to give up Amersfoort. Every time a city was captured a lot of citizens died, because war laws were not in place yet and chivalry was not used anymore. In the present time Amersfoort is a nice place to stay during your holiday. I hope you enjoy the photos.


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