We, Marnix and Roosje, welcome you on this  travel photo site. Our love for photography brought us together. We started in 2018 our own travelsite Travelharts.com. Travelharts.com consist of a travel blog and a travel photo site, Enjoy!

New Photo Albums

La-Roche-en-Ardenne WWII Museum, Belgium
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The bridge of La-Roche-en-Ardenne. In 1944 La-Roche-en-Ardenne was liberated by the Americans. During their retreat, he Germans blew up the bridges. The Americans however, did rebuild one of the bridges. When the Battle of the Bulge started the Germans raced … Read More

Narbonne, small city near the Mediterranean Sea – France
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Narbonne. Narbonne was the first Roman settlement in France. You can still see parts of the Via Domitia when you go for a walk through this beautiful city. For a short time the city was ruled by a Moslim ruler, … Read More

Twickel, manor house in Delden – The Netherlands
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Twickel. Sometime in the 14th century House Twickel was transformed into a Medieval castle, also called Twickel. In the 18th century the old castle was turned into a manor house. However, the owners kept the name “Castle Twickel”. Also on … Read More

Prague Citytrip – Czech Republic
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Prague, a jewel in the middle of Europe. The city of Prague is already 2200 years old. The oldest building is the Praszký Hrad on the hill next to the old city center. It is both UNESCO World Heritage and … Read More