We, Marnix and Roosje, welcome you on this  travel photo site. Our love for photography brought us together. We started in 2018 our own travelsite Travelharts.com. Travelharts.com consist of a travel blog and a travel photo site, Enjoy!

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Valkenburg, castle ruins part I
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Castle on a hill. Castle Valkenburg is the only castle in the Netherlands build on a hill. The Netherlands is mostly a flat country, but in Limburg you have some hills. Around 1075 the first castle was built on this … Read More

Valkenburg, the city below the castle – The Netherlands
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Valkenburg medieval city. For more than 130 years Valkenburg has been a tourist hotspot. On the hill there is a nice castle, but the city of Valkenburg has also some beautiful parts. Valkenburg was a city with city walls and some parts of the walls are restored. So if … Read More

Bulge – Waterfalls of Coo near Stavelot – Belgium
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Waterfalls. The Village of Coo is situated a few miles from Stavelot in the Ardennes or Bulge. It is here that you can find the waterfalls of Coo. Besides the waterfall, entertainment park Plopsa Coo is located here. You can … Read More

Huriel, Tiny city in the center of France
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In the center of France there is a small city called Huriel. I think it is one of the smallest cities I ever been. We stayed here for a few days and did make city trips to nearby cities. I … Read More