We, Marnix and Roosje, welcome you on this  travel photo site. Our love for photography brought us together. We started in 2018 our own travelsite Travelharts.com. Travelharts.com consist of a travel blog and a travel photo site, Enjoy!

New Photo Albums

Vorden castle – The Netherlands
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¬†Castle of Vorden. The first written account of this castle was in 1315. The current building was built on the old ruins of this castle. During the 80-years-war (or war of independence) between Spain and the Netherlands this castle was … Read More

Andernach, Kita Maria Himmelfahrt Church – Germany
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Kita Maria Himmelfahrt In the old center of the small town of Andernach is a old church. People do not know when the first version of this church was built. However, under the church are Carolingian graves. This means that … Read More

Huriel, Donjon in France
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During medieval times there was a castle in Huriel. Only the keep and two of the four corner towers have survived the dawn of time. The castle was owned by the lords of Huriel and due to the labor it … Read More

Groenlo, Sint Calixtusbasiliek
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I was born in Groenlo and grew up in this area. I always thought this basilique in the center of Groenlo was a really old church. However, during the making of this album I found out it is only little … Read More